Mohamad Nurhadi


This research is research of case study at PT. Dynasty of Jatra Everlasting of Solo. With title " Analysis Planning of raw material inventory at PT Dynasty of Jatra Everlasting of Solo"
As for intention of this research is to know the way of planning raw material inventory and to know the way of determining raw material inventory of maximal.
Analysis method the used is analysis 1) Determining supply of minimum ( Safety Stock) 2) Determining ordering dot return ( Re-Order Point 3) Determining economic purchasing ( Economic Order of Quantity) 4) Maximum Inventory.
From result of research which have can be concluded that before done/conducted by planning of raw material, ordering and raw material inventory of company less optimal in managing him/ it, this matter can be seen from level of the expense of which in resulting from raw material inventory and ordering. done/conducted of planning of company raw material in managing raw material inventory with. Certain amount and with frequency of certain ordering also.
Pursuant to conclusion above, suggestion able to be given by writer is company better do/conduct planning of raw material by managing raw material in an optimal fashion, in artian 1) used materials can give best service to cutomer/ client 2) productive company efficiently and semaximal possible 3) arranging the amount of supply at certain storey;level to control planted fund in stock. Besides company in standard bahn megelola do/conduct planning beforehand is so that obtained by the amount of optimal supply. In the plan order, hence usage and usage of raw material so that/ to be optimal progressively, company better do/conduct ordering frequency of is four of times;rill with amount 896 per order for HVS 60 gr, 2562 for HVS 70 gr, and 4626 for HVS 80 gr.


Keyword : persediaan bahan bauku; inventory


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persediaan bahan bauku; inventory