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The research with title “ Teknik Analisis Laporan Keuangan Sebagai Alat Pengukuran Prestasi Manajemen Pada Perusahaan Rokok Djagung Padi Malang “. The analysis had been done to compare in three periods. Is there in creasing or decreasing. To analyze this financial can be seen the strength and the weakness are hand by an enterprise businessman to analyze financial analysis report. It’s mean that financial analysis and management achievement in the past and prospect in the future.
The purpose of this research are to value the success rate and financial condition of company in periodes. And to know the importance financial report analysis as one of way for manager in planning to make a good and exact decision.
The research methods is used are location of research in Djagung Padi Malang and object of research is study case to obtain the real abstraction about the accomplishment of financial ratio analysis as one of way to value the success rate of company. The research data of financial report of the Rokok Djagung Padi Malang company at the current time 1999, 2000, and 2001 about balance sheet and profit-loss financial report. Technic of data research is included interview with direct ask and answer method to a company and other connecter side. Documentation is data research proceed that done with recorded the company documentation that connected with research that writer. From research result that based on financial report ( balance sheet and profit-loss financial report ) and from that ratio analysis financial potition bloming Rokok Djagung Padi Malang Company are included :
1.Based on profitability ratio indication that company in getting profit is no maximum.
2.Based on fluctuation condition of activity ratio.
3.Based on indicated of significate derivation of the growth ratio at current time 1999-2001
4.Based on condition of Rokok Djagung Padi Malang company liquidity ratio that indicated that the relative good condition.
5.Based on laverage ratio on Rokok Djagung Padi Malang company having low leverage class mean the company in company operation done is not suspend by debt.


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