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Type of this Research represent explanatory that is explain relation of causal of between variable of through hypothesizing examination, in this case variable of independent cover return on equity (X1), return on asset (X2), variable of price earning ratio (X3), variable of earning of per share (X4) And variable of debt equity ratio (X5) while variable dependent its his that is hit price of share with title of research that is “ Influence of Performance of Company'S Finance of To Price of Share In Effect Exchange Jakarta”.
This Research target is to know influence ROE. EPS, PER, ROA And DER to price share of business concern in BEJ and to know factor having an effect on dominant to usah share price in BEJ. As for this research benefit specially for investor that is expected can give reference addition and input and also the understanding of company share price to in invesment.
Analysis method used in this research that is analyse doubled linear regresi with test F and test t. From result analyse to indicate that variable return on equity influence (X1) [of] equal to - 6,088, variable return on asset (X2) of equal to 5,962, variable price earning ratio (X3) of equal to - 0,642, variable earning of per share (X4) of equal to 4,930 and variable debt equity ratio (X5) of equal to 155,242. Thereby variable debt equity ratio (X5) have dominant influence to share price of at business concern which listing in Effect Exchange Jakarta. Result of test F indicate that by simultan is variable independent entirety used have influence which signifikan to variable dependent, while by using test t indicate that by parsial only at variable X4 and X5 having an effect on by signifikan.
Pursuant to above conclusion hence the writer raise some suggestion that is Pursuant to above conclusion hence the writer raise some suggestion that is: variable debt equity ratio (DER) have influence most dominant is hence expected by for investor to pay attention to storey; level DER upon which the consideration for have the invesment, expected by for company to more improve operational perusahaanya performance so that can give improve company value maximally at stockholder. Through the company operational performance improvement hence directly can improve advantage or profit amount to be accepted by a stockholder so that directly have an effect on to share price published. In determining or chosening share utilize to do invesment expected by all investor behave to beware of and also always keep abreast of share price doing transaction of at stock market. Through the step expected by a investor candidate is not wrong in determining which company is which used in have invesment.


Keyword : pengaruh kinerja keuangan; harga saham; bursa efek jakarta


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pengaruh kinerja keuangan; harga saham; bursa efek jakarta