Department of Accounting, 2004

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This research is documentation research with title "Analyse Financial Performance Of Bank Moslem Law And Conventional Bank ( Study At PT.
Muamalat Bank of Indonesia And PT. State Bank of Indonesia ’46)”.
This Research target is to know finance performance and level of health is
yielded by PT. BMI And PT. BNI ' 46 during three year ( 1999, 2000 and 2001), also to know finance performance and health level of bank which more better, is yielded among bank.
Analyzer used to know performance and level of health among bank is using analysis CAMEL, analyzer used to know performance and level better bank health is by using analysis Trend. Yardstick used to know performance is Packet of Februari 1991 is released by a government about the characteristic of bank carefulness, while
to assess level of health of bank is rule Indonesian Bank; Skep DIR-BI No.
30/2/UPPB/1997 Jo SE no. 30/23/UPPB/1998 about standard of predikat level of health of public bank.
Result of calculation of performance among of bank with ratio of CAMEL during three year for PT. BMI And PT. BNI ' 46 experiencing of increase and degradation. While clean value calculation result CAMEL ratio entirety for PT. BMI
during three year is 71,49 and 65,43 and also 70,92 while PT. BNI ' 46 is 5,62 and
66,38 and also 68,06.
According calculation of above be concluded, first; PT. BMI during three year own good enough performance, with level of health "Enough Healthy" in the year 1999, " Under The Way" in the year 2000 and " Enough Healthy" in the year 2001.
Second, owned performance PT. BNI'46 during three year as a whole can be concluded of experience of increase, marked with increase ranking of health from " Indisposed" in the year 1999 and " Enough Healthy" in the year 2000 and 2001.
Third, result of performance with RORA, Net Profit Margin, ROA, BOPO dan LDR ratio from PT. BMI during three year ( 1999 - 2001) more better than performance yielded by PT. BNI ' 46, just in CAR and Net Call Money ratio PT. BNI ' 46
healthier. The growth of level health owned PT. BNI during three year more better
than PT. BMI. Pursuant to above conclusion, can be expressed [by] that basically
analyse performance and leve of health among bank of Moslem law and conventional
bank not own difference which signifikan.


Keyword : Kinerja Keuangan Bank Syariah; Bank Konvensional


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