Nur Arif Pranowo


This study is descriptive case study in Earning Department of Magetan Regency, by title ?Analysis Effectiveness, Contribution and Potential of Region Tax in Magetan Regency.
The goal of this study is to describe effective, contribution along with potential of region tax level in MAgetan Regency in 3 years period.
The analysis which be used by using 3 ratio such as : effectiveness ratio, contribution ratio, growing ratio, along with potential analysis.
Based on the analysis result may be known that effectiveness level of tax acceptance of Magetan regency from year 2005-2007 have showed effective. While growing level showed decreasing, to contribution level of region tax to PAD also experience decreasing. While to potential analysis result, Magetan regency government have plan repeat survey to tax object, especially entertainment tax and advertising. Along with will increase tax object namely bird nest tax.
Based on the analysis result may be concluded that performance of Magetan regency in 2005-2007 to realize acceptance of region tax have been effective by average about 106,73%. Growing rate of tax acceptance by average 14,58% per year. Contribution level of region tax to PAD every years achieve 1,13%. While for potential of tax, government of Magetan Regency in future will carry out survey along with increasing of new tax object
Based on the conclusion above, writer may be give suggestion to earning and tax department in Magetan Regency to improve system of data base of tax, because the data base of tax user have been listed well. The goal of this data base in order to similar with each tax which be known, thus tax growing will be similar and tax potential will be gotten anymore.


Keyword : pajak daerah, efektifitas, pertumbuhan, kontribusi


pajak daerah; efektifitas; pertumbuhan; kontribusi