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Research with title ?The Application of Balance Scorecard in Assessing Hotel Effort (Case study in University Inn Hotel)? represent case study in the work unit Muhammadiyah University of Malang.
This research was conducted to know assessment of performance University Inn hotel with the goal to assess performance of company so far and determine step must be conducted to improve performance hotel.
This research use analyzer Balanced Scorecard as measurement tools of the performance, weight with analysis Hierarchy process to measure each measurement of performance and giving score by scale likert 1-5 to measurement of it performance.
Base on result of the research obtained that performance of University Inn hotel if to be looked base on four perspective balanced scorecard in every semester increasing performance value. Where performance on the first semester year 2006 has value 1,9 that indicated bad performance. On the second semester year 2006 increase 2,8 and able to be said that still has bad performance. On the first semester year 2007 performance value has been increased as 3, this value indicate that performance of hotel was well enough. This proved that target strategic of hotel to increase income and improve performance of hotel able to be conducted, but still not reached result appropriate with expectation of management University Inn hotel.
Base on conclusion result, suggest can be proposed by researcher is management of University Inn hotel is expected able to improve financial performance by improvement quality and ability in service customer so able to increase satisfaction and the belief of customer because if customer feel satisfy, it will increase loyalty of customer on the finally able to increase hotel income and there is claim to give service to guest with quality of well human resources represent important thing. Therefore, it need to increase quality of human resources in increasing quality of service so that able to increase satisfaction of guest of University Inn hotel because it able to increase loyalty of customer.

Keyword: Performance, Hotel, Balance Scorecard, AHP.


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Performance; Hotel; Balance Scorecard; AHP