Nurika Tri Wulandari


This Research represent research having the character of descriptive with title " Applying Of Balanced Scorecard To Measure Performance at Hotel of Fatma Jombang". Target of research is to study Hotel performance of Fatma Jombang evaluated from analysis of Balanced Scorecard.
This Research use documentation technique and of survey to collect needed data. Analysis technique the used by using measuring instrument analyse Balanced Scorecard with four is in perpective, that is is in perpective of finance, in perpective of cutomer/client, in perpective of internal business process of growth and study
Result of this research yield Hotel performance of Fatma Jombang as a whole goodness. This matter is shown by at each is in perpective. Is in perpective of measured finance with ROI, PMOS, Sales Growth show from year to year of natural of improvement. In perpective of cutomer/client at indicator of Customer Retention of year to year natural of degradation while at indicator of Customer natural Acquisition of increase. At is in perpective of internal business process at Innovation indicator, Storey;Level Dwelling room;chamber, Dwelling room;chamber storey;level of double, Guest per room is as a whole assessed by goodness. At is in perpective of growth and study at indicator of Employee natural Retention of degradation in per annum
Pursuant to conclusion above, writer recommend to Hotel of Fatma Jombang so that to be can maintain his monetary performance, can maintain customer/client of llama and also look for new customer/client, and note to regarding hit complain that happened at customer/client of hotel

Keyword: Performance, Balanced Scorecard, perpective


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Performance; Balanced Scorecard; perpective