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This research represent research of event study concerning Indonesia capital market respon to floods event in Jabodetabek is date of 2 Februari 2007. While used sampel in this research is share company of LQ 45 which enter in chosen perception period so that 39 company share. As for this research title is " Reaction Of Capital Market Indonesia To Event Floods in JABODETABEK is Date of 2 Februari 2007".
Target of this research is to test what is there are abnormal change of share return which is signifikan before and after floods perisiwa in JABODETABEK. As for usefulness of this research specially to investor in taking decision of have invesment in Capital Market to be more accurate in analysing an event or occurence. Technique analyse used by data is abnormal of return, in abnormal enumeration of return use adjusted market method model and examination of hypothesis use paramerik statistic by test t that is t sample paired test by using ver windows for spss 11.
This research do not use period estimate and only use event period ( period event). Pursuant to result of conducted by research during 21 perception day can be pulled by conclusion, that do not there are abnormal change of share return which is good signifikan before and also after floods event because t-hitung smaller than at t-tabel, and there are change which is signifikan only happened on to 7 before day and event to 7 after floods event because t-hitung bigger than at t-tabel that is 2,250 > 2,021 and probability value 0,03 < 0,05. So that Ho accepted or do not there are difference which is abnormal signifikan of return before and after event. Do not the happening of the reaction caused by this event represent event unanticipated, where the event is not anticipated will happened previously by market perpetrator. Thereby indication that capital market perpetrator do not react with the existence of floods event in Jabodetabek of[is date of 2 Februari 2007 and capital market perpetrator get is same information of amount and quality good before and also after event.


Keyword : Event study, abnormal return


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Event study; abnormal return