Frida Ayu Paramita


This Research is case study at Kancatel Pamekasan PT. Indonesia Telecommunications, Tbk with title "Evaluate Performance of Pamekasan Telecommunication Branch Office PT. Indonesia Telecommunications, Tbk of pursuant to Balanced Scorecard Method".
This Research Target is to assess performance Pamekasan Telecommunication Branch Office of pursuant to four in perspective in balanced scorecard of what have or not yet reached goals specified by a company.
Analysis technique used at this research is data descriptive analyse technique that explained of result of performance measurement obtained from object checked by conducting data processing and gathering, with procedure used by that is descripting of how growth of each indicator in balanced scorecard. To know reached or do not it the performance specified by a company is compared between growth of each indicator in balanced scorecard with goals which specified by company.
Result of research of pursuant to result analyse by using balanced scorecard at Pamekasan Telecommunication Branch Office indicate that performance Pamekasan Telecommunication Branch Office from year to year experience of improvement and there is also experiencing of degradation. For period 1999 until 2006, best Pamekasan Telecommunication Branch Office Performance is period 2005-2006, because from seven existing indicator, only two just just indicator is which not yet reached goals specified by a company, namely customer satisfaction and customer loyality index index representing indicator in in perpective of cutomer. Pursuant to from result analyse above, inferential hence that applicable balanced scorecard in Telkom of because data there is fulfill criterion in performance assessment from in perpective fourth in balanced scorecard. By balanced scorecard, PT. Indonesia Telecommunications, Tbk Performance do not is only assessed by pursuant to just just aspect finansial, but also from aspect of non finansial.


Keyword : Kinerja, Balanced Scorecard


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Kinerja; Balanced Scorecard