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This research was a case study using quantitative data, while the source used secondary data titled ? Analysis Of Priginal Income at Situbondo Residence?. This research was done since Regional Government was given authority to built their own
region according to their ability and skill optimally, but still in existing rule scope in order to increase Original Regional Income.
This research aimed to find out comparison of target realization each year for regional tax, regional retribution, profit, and the other legal income, also realization development . To find out the percentage of income target realization at Situbondo
residence and its development, also to find out each income components contribution to original regional income. According to the purpose of study, analysis used was Effektive Analysis, development and contribution, to find out how much percentage of realization comparison for targets each year, knowing the ability of autonomy regional government increasing and defending the achienements sach year, also to find out how much contribution of component revenue in Origin Regional income to the regional income each year.
According to the analysis, there could be found that Situbondo residence has large potential. The increase of reliazation percentage to the component target of Regional income 115,2%, and the realization was 15,9%.


Keyword : PAD Situbondo 2003-2006


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PAD Situbondo 2003-2006