Reseach the writer has done is case study reseach, a kind of reseach with relevant data from reseaching object at Sidomuncul Hotel Situbondo addressed on JL. Raya Pasir Putih 87 Situbondo East Java titled ? Balanced Scorecard Analysis to Measure Performance at Sidomuncul Hotel Situbondo?
The reseach aimed to find out the performance of Sidomuncul Hotel Situbondo, measured by balanced scorecard. The benefit of the reseach, especially for the Hotel was as advice for the Hotel in performance measurement by using balanced scorecard. Analysis technique used was by balanced scorecard tool consisted of monetary perspective, customer perspective, internal business perspective, learning and development.
Monetary analysis showed that all indicator used showed that Sidomuncul Hotel Situbondo performance was good. In customer perspective could be found result that most of Hotel guess stated that the facility whuch was given by hotel, system and procedure, the politeness of the staff in given service, attention to the critics showed the guess satisfaction in service and facility offered. While about the ability and skill of the Hotel staff wasn't able to given maximum satisfaction to the guess.
According to the learning and development perspective showed that competence level which owed by the trainer in mastering the field taught in training was good according to the employee. Media used in training, technique, or system were good. Internal business perspective analysis could be stated as : percentage of occupancy and average daily rate showed the increasing percentage. Percentage of Guest per-room analysis and of double occupancy showed the decreasing of percentage. The result of average rate per guess showed up and down percentage.
Some advices to increase the ability and skill of the staff or employee in giving service, there hoped to use more training to the employeewhich hoped to increase the employee into optimum level in increasing the satisfaction of the guess. Increasing the discipline of employee, so that they were able to work as the procedure stated.


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