Department of Accounting, 2008

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This research represent descriptive research which done at Monetary Body Organizer of Area Sub-Province of Jombang with title ?Analysis Retribution Area And Contribution To Earnings Of Genuiness Area In Sub-Province of Jombang?.

Target of this research is to measure efficiency storey; level, effectiveness, along with improvement and contribution of area retribution in Sub-Province of Jombang and upon which input to Local Government Of Sub-Province of Jombang in improving effectiveness and efficiency acceptance of area retribution utilize to improve area independence in penyelenggaraaan of government and development of area.

Analyzer used to measure efficiency storey;level and effectiveness acceptance of area retribution is to use efficiency ratio, effectiveness, growth rate and contribution. Yardstick to determine do acceptance of area Iease have effective if obtained effectiveness ratio minimize to reach 1 or 100%, while told efficient if obtained efficiency ratio below/under 1 or below/under 100%.

Result of calculation by using effectiveness analysis of year 2004-2006 sub-province area retribution of Jombang can be told effective with result of service retribui 674,31% becoming 646, 53%. From result of efficiency analysis obtained among others service of year 2004-2006 obtained result 4,99% and 5%. Result of contribution analysis acceptance of area retribution during year 2004-2006 at PAD in Sub-Province of Jombang as a whole always experience of improvement. Last with analysis make-up of earnings also always experience of the make-up of the same as with its contribution ratio.

Pursuant to result of research, hence Monetary Body Organizer Area of Jombang expected more is improving is quality of service of public, gone into effect sanction need diperketat again to be perda which have been made not easy to deviated, require to perform a counselling retribution is obliged to more obedient again in paying retribution as according to existing regulation, and for research hereinafter shall use newest data result of research more date to up.


Keyword : Retribusi Daerah, Pendapatan Asli Daerah


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