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In general, Balanced Scorecard (BSC) can be used to measures four business performance, that is finance performance, customer, business process internal, also study and growth. This watchfulness aim, describes applications balanced scorecard as islamic hospital of Aisyiyah malang. Watchfulness use for organization/Islamic hospital of Aisyiyah that is supposed can give a certain theoretical opinion and tactical in the case of performance measurement that based in strategy companies to pass balanced scorecard.
Finance perspective analysis result be got result that indicator that used to show that performance in islamic hospital of Aisyiyah malang appreciable good. In perspective customer that cover number of complain and customer acquisition show that in general company can give satisfaction also the family. But such in indicator number of complain especially in affability operators shows increase prosentase. In customer acquisition show new patient total depreciation inclination that is proved level depreciation existence prosentase new patient total to every year it. Based on drill analysis result can prove that show enhanced existence on drill ratio.
Based on perspective internal business has showed that performance has companied good enough, the mentioned is proved from measurement quality of place during year 2006 until 2008 more the effectiveer facilities use that has by company. In process inovation show that every year it company always hold tool repair and infrastructure with condition or existing facilities physical conditon. in perspective study and growth, especially in indicator training show during year 2006 until 2008 company more appreciate on existing human resource quality that is with employee total enhanced existence that follows training. Hit attendance level indicator inferential that employee attendance total during year 2006 until 2008 then experience enhanced.
Suggestion that submitted in this watchfulness that is supposed hospital management side to increase discipline taste the employees so that can to depress total or attendance level. In other side hospital side gives instruction to employees and nurse to court to patients so that patients felts to respected on their existence at home ill. In do or carry out tool physical condition repair and existing infrastructure, supposed permanent hospital side uses wisdom which during the time applied.


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