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Planning and control of memory hold important role in efficacy of company. Role of planning will progressively felt in the bearing of with process of budgeting. For company which is experiencing of growth, needing new invesment to make balance to growth marketing of him. To avoid the problem of cash stream, monetary manager have to use correct forecasting technique to estimate requirement of fund during specified period. Monetary planning include;cover activity of monetary forecasting and monetary operation. made Monetary forecast to forecast requirement of additional fund which required by company.
Intention of this research is to know monetary planning at PT. Glorious Ultra of Milk & Trading Company, Tbk. year 2009.
In conducting monetary planning of most conducted by first matter is calculate sale projection level of in the year 2009 which where will be used as by base is calculation level growth of sale. Method which used in conducting forecasting of sale is method of tren linear. Projection level sale of year 2009 from calculation result is equal to Rp 1.530.841.836.057,00.
Level growth of sale is equal to 0,12%,, which where result from calculation indicate that sale of year 2009 mounting from Rp 1.362.606.580.492,00 in the year 2008 becoming Rp 1.526.119.370.151,04 in the year 2009.
In applying of method forecasting of financial statement is forecast Rejort Balance and Report Balance. With growth storey level equal to 0,12 , calculation result which in earning, company in the year 2009 experiencing of loss. At Projection year 2009 happened the make-up of loss from which initialy Rp 67.011.996.284,00 in the year 2008, in the year 2009 mounting to become Rp 75.053.435.838.08.
From balance report projection result can know by additional fund which in requiring equal to Rp 111,690,288,235.74. while fund source the used is bank payable, capital stock and fund addition rem ited. Proportion of each ofljs source of fund is equal to Rp 18.770.040.475,52 at bank payable, Rp 85.364.583.6106,95 at capital stock, and Rp 7,555,664,153.26 at paid-in capital addition.


Keyword : Perencanaan keuangan, Penetapan kebutuhan dana


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Perencanaan keuangan; Penetapan kebutuhan dana