Analisis Kebijakan Dividen dan Kebijakan Leverage Terhadap Prediksi Kepemilikan Manajerial: Sebuah Perspektif Teori Keagenan



The research aimed to find out empirical evidence about dividen policy, leverage policy, size, investment chance, profitability, company value and market equity could be used to predict managerial owning in agency theory perspective. Factors tested in this research were debt policy, dividen policy, size, investment opportunity, profitabilitas, tobin?s q and equity market value.
In this research the writer took population of all manufactures company listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange 2006-2007. Samples used were 32 manufactures, sampling taken by random method according to the existing criterias. Samples divided into 2 groups, the companies with managerial owning and companies withot managerial owning.
Regression logistic analysis result in this result did in two test, they were partial and simultaneous. In partial test found that chance investment variable which influence and significant in managerial owning. While in simultaneous test there found that chance to investment and profitability (ROA) had influence and significant in managerial owning


Keyword : kepemilikan manajerial, kebijakan hutang, kebijakan dividen, tobin's q, regresi logistik


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kepemilikan manajerial; kebijakan hutang; kebijakan dividen; tobin's q; regresi logistik