MASJID KAMPUS SEBAGAI PUSAT PENDIDIKAN JAMA'AH (Studi Kasus di Masjid AR. Fachruddin Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang)

Arip Hidayat


The purposes of this research are to descripe the activity of Islam education in which mosque of AR. Fachruddin. Besides, to know how comments all jama'ah concerning formses activity of Islam education which is in mosque of AR. Fachruddin.
This research used approach qualitative with the subject research is assorted activity of Islam ducation in AR. Fachruddin, among others performed a: by Body party is Official member of Mosque ( BPM) and outside party of BPM, as fo this activity conducted by BPM are: Ramadhan activity and outside activity ; and education activity of Islam outside BPM AR. Fachruddin which is in mosque,among others: Al-Islam of Ke-Muhammadiyahan ( AIK), Center Study Islam and Philosophy ( PSIF), Jama'Ah Fachruddin ( JF), Markaz ad Missionize Solemn wa [of] Mujtama al ( MDKM), and Asia Moslem of Charity Foundation ( AMCF). The collecting of data is done with the observation, interview and documentationof the pertinent.
Research result indicated that all activity of islam education which is in AR. Fachruddin, have collectively characters, with existence units has different activity but has the same at the orientation that is cultivation of islam ducation for all jama'ah and direct leaders under the University.


Keyword : Masjid Kampus dan Pendidikan Jama'ah

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