TRADISI PEMBELAJARAN NGAJI (Studi pada Masyarakat Dusun Sering Ai Mata, Desa Kerato, Kecamatan Unter Iwes, Kabupaten Sumbawa Besar)



This research aim to descript process study which is applied in tradition of ngaji in Sumbawa Besar. Besides, also aim to lay open influence of ngaji to knowledge of child religion. Election institute of ngaji as research setting relied on the number of institute nonformal education expanding and keeping abreast of epoch, especially usage of study method, standard curriculum, so that the increasing of knowledge of protege religion. Ngaji is external education institute of school, representing society tradition of Sumbawa which still executed hitherto. In tradition of Sumbawa, ngaji is conducted study activity between teacher with pupil in study of theology.
In this writing, researcher use descriptive research, which is ordinary to be referred as also research of taxonomic. this research method is used for the eksploration, clarification and regarding of phenomenon or fact of social, by way of descriptive a number of respective variable with accurate unit and problem. While research subyek is founder institute ngaji, teacher, and santri. data collecting through partisipative observation of fasif, interview do not have structure, and documentation. While data analysis with analyse qualitative.
This research indicate that process study of al-Qur'an in institute of ngaji between traditional method (Baghdadiyah) and method of Iqra' that is by pupil only hearing and paying attention what read by teacher and later then follow its reading. While in items study of divided other lessions to become two that is at soul/ head aspect and mind. Soul/ head aspect inculcated by knowledge of behavior and akidah, while at mind aspect inculcated by knowledge of fiqih history and culture of Islam.


Keyword : Tradisi, Pembelajaran, Ngaji

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Tradisi, Pembelajaran, Ngaji