Mustakhul Widayani


The presence of social problem is often related to the impact of poverty problem because it is a global problem that often related to the need, difficulty and short supply in many aspects of life. The difficulty faced by poor family often force women to get work. They should be ready to face high risks to be exploited excessively and get very low wage. In daily life, there are most of women that perforce to get work to fulfill their need.
In this thesis, the researcher has investigation in Saptorenggo village Pakis subdistrict Malang regency. The purposes of this study are to (1) know the social problem of women labor in templet industry in Saptorenggo, Pakis, Malang; (2) know what is the causes of women economy-social in tempet industry in Saptorenggo, Pakis, Malang; and (3) know the efforts of the women in coping with the problems they face. Instruments of data collection in this study are observation, interview, documentation, and analysis method of descriptive qualitative data.
From the result of the research shows as follows: (1) The problem of social economy faced by women labor in templet industry is very complicated, from social gap within labor with industry owner, suppressed because is often pushed to get work by target system. No subsidy (social security of labor), unfulfilled right, no mentruation or pregnance leave, no time for refreshing physical and mental energy, no protection toward safety and work accident, and labors are treaded arbitrary are the causes of social problem. Besides, there is no minimum time to finish the work and lower price of wage also raise the social problem within women labor. (2) The causes of social problem are there is no relevant government policy to protect labor from discrimination and exploitation by the entrepreneur, no decision of protecting labor rights especially the women. Even there is law that regulate the employee, but there is no care from local government to have observation in industries with labors and no awareness of the owner to treat their labors favorably and the implementation of the law is not in the labor side. It is harming the labors and there is no work clause between the entrepreneur and labor when the work firstly. While labor recruitement is without occupation letter but by other labor invitation that work there previously. Besides, the information is only mouth by mouth. Then, the recruitement system of labor is regulated by the entrepreneur. (3) The effort that is conducted by labors to solve their economy problem in relation with work system in this industry, at present, still far from adequate, but from many efforts they do is the best efforts they have ever to reduce social economy problem faced by women labor. The efforts are sending their protest to prosecute their rights (women labors), many of them are doing their own business; sell cakes to get addition wage because their salary in templet industry is not adequate for their daily need. Some of them have a simple strategy by bring unfinished work to home, then they can finished it by doing houseworks. Yet, some of them also try to find other work without knowing by the owner of templet industry. The have such reason if they are accepted in other places, then they retire from the function of templet labor.
From the discussion about social economy problem of women labors in templet industry, it is expected can be the material to publish social economy of women labor. Beside, it is also expected to be information and reference for related parties to minimalize social economy problems in facing women labor, in general. This condition attract the researchers? attention.

Keyword: Kemiskinan, masalah sosial ekonomi, buruh perempuan dan industri sablon



Kemiskinan; masalah sosial ekonomi; buruh perempuan; industri sablon