Department of Social Welfare, 2008

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Restu Setya R.


National expansion done by government of Republic of Indonesia is going to run better if it is supported by good state administration and governmental apparatus. The expected governmental apparatus are those who have work motivation and productivity toward the work itself. As good citizens, teachers should give good examples to the people for the successful expansion; that is as governmental apparatus with authority. To create this goal, it is important to have teachers? guidance based on united carrier system and work achievement system. Those can be seen through the scoring of teachers? work implementation that have different characteristic. Besides, work situation characteristics will influence the teachers? work motivation. Those differences are depended on internal and external factors. It starts from decreasing motivation especially about factor that influence the work.
The statements of problems in this research are:
1.How is the teachers? work motivation in MTs Surya Buana Malang?
2.What are factors influencing the teachers? work motivation.
The purposes of this research are:
1.To know the teachers? work motivation in doing their duty.
2.To know the factor influencing the teachers? work motivation.
The operational definition is work motivation (dependent variable) with the indicators: work spirit, attendance frequency, work activity and the work result. Besides, Factors influencing work motivation (independent variable). The indicator is internal factor, which is the responsibility to the work, and the motivation to work. While the external factors are the school leader behavior toward the school led, work place condition, intensive money, and save place.
The setting of this research is MTs Surya Buana Malang with the population 21 people. Next, the sampling technique is purposive sampling. The sample is five people taken accidentally. They are the people who know the history of the school and the teachers who do their duty full day.
The data collecting technique used in this research is observation, interview, and document.
Based on the research done, the conclusion is that the work motivation belongs to the teachers of MTs Surya Buana Malang are very high motivated. It is proved by the responsibility toward the work, and motivation to work (internal factors), and leader behavior, work place condition, intensive money and save place (external factors).

Keyword : guru, motivasi


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