Department of Social Welfare, 2008

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One factor that makes the poverty happens in fisherman society is influenced by social economy to that society. In which the economic developed will not happen as long as social organization, politic condition, and moral value in one society is not supported. This research do in Labuan Kuris village, Lape Lopok district, Sumbawa Besar municipality, NTB. This village is one of coastal district in Sumbawa Besar, that most of all the society consist of fisherman. The purpose of this research was to describe about photo of poverty in fisherman, to describe and to analyse Labuan Kuris district, also the way that fisherman can do to survive their life. This research employed qualitative method together with conception data method include interview, participate, and focus discussion. From social aspect, the cause of fisherman poorness in Labuan Kuris village is physically weakness to working, limiting education, there is no guarantee for the future (investment), unsupported environment condition, impotence, limiting occasion to associate the potency and other resources. There is not give information about fisheries and there is no government?s help such as capital or fishing equipments to increase commodity. Then from economic aspects are to limit capital, technologies or simple production machines and problem in marketing (no market to sell the fishreries commodity). In case of income, very various. For the fishing equipment and the ship captain has salary Rp.400.000 ? 450.000 thousands/month. And for labourer has salary Rp 350.000/month, for ship owner has salary Rp 1.400.000 ? Rp 1.700.000, labourer?s bagang has salary Rp 350.000 ? Rp 450.000 and for bagang owner has salary Rp 2.000.000. For sloop owner has salary Rp. 500.000 - Rp. 550.000/month
The poverty fisherman society in Labuan Kuris village is influence from estimation and tradition as their perseption about future life, working function and working tradition, they have not hard motivation for effort and low work personality.

Keyword : Kemiskinan, Nelayan, Faktor-faktor sosial ekonomi, Aspek sosial, Aspek ekonomi


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