Development process of Lombok International Airport located in Tanak Awu village Pujut sub-district Mid-Lombok Residence, West Nusa Tenggara. Started in 19-01-2008 and scheduled to be finished in the beginning of 2010. This mega-project built above people land which was released by mid-Lombok government. The people land-release to build Lombok International Airport cause new problem by people dissatisfaction to government?s policy. The people pursued the government to make their land priced as Tax Object Selling Value (Nilai Jual Obyek Pajak - NJOP) 2008 and not by the first released price done in 1992. Because of disarangement of people demand about price deal, there came various social and economic problem in Tanak Awu society.
The research aimed to describe BIL development to the people attitude change in society along the Lombok International Airport building process. The research was done in qualitative way by Ex Post Facto data analysis method. Data collection technique was done through deep interview, observation and documentation. Sampling was done at Tanak Awu village, Pujut sub-district Mid-Lombok Residence which was the closest village and the land became the Lombok International Airport Development.
The result would describe about social and economic attitude change in Tanak Awu people around Lombok International Airport. Including land selling value, work-chance, pro and contra among society and social and economic change in society.
The social change happened could be seen from lack of positive support to the government plan who build Lombok International Airport in Tanak Awu village. The people was disappointed by the government policy about land-release selling price. Sabotage and destruction by the society was possible to happen. The government was only paid attention to finish the project withouth paying attention to the people. The social life of the society couldn?t run as usual. Social relation conflict happened among pro and contra groups in society.
Economic change happened now showed there was a change in people work pattern, people buying ability, and the people wealth. Before Lombok International Airport was done, Tanak Awu villager worked as farmer. But after Lombok International Airport building, the people couldn?t work as farmer since the land had bought by the government to build Lombok International Airport. Many people jobless and only watch the worker who worked at Lombok International Airport project. The government hope that land reform activities could be used for making a business unit. People who was jobless only watch the worker who worked on BIL project. The government hope that the result of land-release could be useful to make new field in working. People who came from low education level. People who came from low education level and lack of knowledge was difficult to change profession to the other profession. The government cooperation with PT. Angkasas Pura to involve the people as hard-worker in the project was never happened. PT. Angkasa Pura only hired experienced personnels and at last, Tanak Awu society would become watchers or audio.

Keyword : Dampak Pembangunan, Perubahan Perilaku Sosial, Perubahan Perilaku Ekonomi



Dampak Pembangunan; Perubahan Perilaku Sosial; Perubahan Perilaku Ekonomi