Basically, every individual wish to have a family, gathering, getting protection and security, do not aside from woman career. Therefore most women of adult will pass this nuptials phase sooner or later depended the readiness of and willingness itself. There are the readiness of materi and other. At woman career of adult middle age early, that is after 24 or 25 year will tend to experience of dread and jumpy if time targeted to menikah not yet form. This probably because religion norm and culture residing in society, and also cultural patriarki in society, negatif thinkhing about woman carrer that?s not has married, while overdue assumed to man is not yet married fair because society assume at any age of men remain to strong and heroic.
This research aim to to know perception of woman of career to factors and nuptials influencing woman of overdue career menikah Ringinrejo of Kediri. Type Research the used is descriptive with approach qualitative. Later;Then for withdrawal of him use sampling purposive technik. For the method of intake of data in this research use observation, interview, and documentation. While for the analysis of data use data discount, presentation of data and withdrawal of conclusion.
Result of this research that is that is in general obtained the existence of some views woman career to nuptials which it contains perception that : ( 1) Nuptials are matter which is sakral and holy ( 2) Nuptials are effort to continue clan, ( 3) Nuptials are to obtain get life of better economics, therefore selection of life couple have to very pay attention ( 4) Nuptials are an religious service to form a household pursuant to Believing in One God and major faithfulness, ( 5) Nuptials are effort to avoid to to fornicate.
Conversing concerning factors influencing woman of overdue career get married in general is as following : ( 1), Economics, ( 2) Responsibility to family, ( 3) Career, ( 4) Premarital Sexual Intercourse, ( 5) Trauma and psychological trouble.
In the end every factor of problem of woman career earn is immediately looked for best solution for him if they earn to consider concerning ideal to married.Every woman had separate natural which of course differ from men. Besides with married we earn to accept reward because that nuptials is religious service and Sunah of Prophet Muhammad, Saw. Nuptials also to continue clan, and shar in liking and sorrowful lawfully.

Keyword : Persepsi, Perempuan Karir, Keterlambatan menikah



Persepsi; Perempuan Karir; Keterlambatan menikah