PERAN PEREMPUAN KARIER DALAM USAHA MENINGKATKAN KESEJAHTERAAN KELUARGA (Studi dikalangan guru sekolah dasar negeri desa Murtajih kec. Pademawu kab. Pamekasan, Madura)



Woman involvement ( mother of domestic) public sector affect to indoor role [of] tanggga, one woman party work to earn to assist family economics as wage earner so that [his/its] role in housewifery ( domistik) becoming to decrease since time used for the outdoors activity ( public). The increasing of woman participation in labor force have ( career) since the increasing of education.
Method Used in this research [is] descriptive research with approach qualitative, as for technique of data collecting use observation of[is non partisipative, led [by] free interview and documentation. In this research [is] technique analyse used [by] data [is] analyzing entire/all data which have been got from process of data collecting, reducing data by making abstraksi or nucleus;core ambit, compiling in set of later;then dikategorikan by making koding. Final Tahap taken [is] by performing data authenticity, after finishing hence be started [by] phase of data interpretation.
Result of research indicate that role of career woman which have profession as teacher SDN [in] Desa Murtajih have been proven able to give contribution which adequate enough to [his/its] family for example accomplishment of physical requirement ( make-up of economics of family and accomplishment of living), health conservancy, accomplishment of social need that is run social function better in family as wife and housewife and also the intellectual requirement accomplishment. Strategy for the difference anticipation in family [done/conducted] with good family communications and division of labor in family. constraint Faced [by] the career woman in effort improve family prosperity for example social status, double role, problem of gender and conflict.
Pursuant to the conclusion hence the writer suggest with [his/its] status as woman owning double role, expected [by] [of] career woman to behave wise in decision making [of] if happened [by] collision [of] [among/between] business of career and domestic, shall earn as effective as possible divide time [of] [among/between] importance of career and house tanga, natural sehinga although as real woman remain to stick in managing domestic, children and husband.

Keyword : Perempuan Karier, Kesejahteraan Keluarga



Perempuan Karier; Kesejahteraan Keluarga